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Lone Star Road-masters by D.C.M.T.

 Lone Star was the Trade Mark of DCMT (Die Cast Machine Tools) which was founded during the Second World War (1940) to produce Die Casting machines, after 1945 DCMT continued producing Machines but also started their own production of Die Cast Toys which were marketed by Crescent.

It was one of DCMT's casting machines that was used to start the mighty Lesney (Matchbox) company.

The Lone Star brand was started in 1960
Lone Star's "Spudmatic" gun is still regularly voted as the most popular Toy by children of all ages !
Lone Star models were sold as Tootsietoys in the USA from 1958-1962, these moulds were sold to create Gamda of Israel which became Sabra.

Lone Star sold 3 million IMPY cars in the USA in 1967, 80% of the production was for export. In 1967 Mattel started producing HotWheels and in 1968 produced one million a week. Lone Star responded with IMPY Flyers from late 1968 until 1971 but then moved into the kindergarten market with Tuf-Tots. 

The Lone Star brand was sold to the German Sohni-Esco group in 1988. DCMT continued for a short period with it's core business

 In 1956 DCMT started marketing the Road-masters Series, the initial release of 7 cars were in scales from 1:35 to 1:40 

Vintage Modern

1904 Darracq 1904 'Genevieve'


1904 Daimler Windsor Phaeton

Daimler Conquest Roadster

1912 Morris Oxford Bullnose

MG Midget TF

1912 Ford Model T

Ford Thunderbird Roadster

These were sold 3 in different ways -

  1. Single cars as Kits

  2. Boxed assembled Single carsPhoto

  3. Boxed Pairs with Figures (see below)

These are from TBird-UK Collection

Eagle eyed observers will notice the boxes above are actually the same ....
I do have the correct box for the cars on the right,
but it has never been cut to put into Display mode
so I photographed those cars in the wrong box 

Note that the early models have Red Bases with Red wheels and Whitewall tyres.
Later models have Black Bases and all Black wheels

Click for better image

ThunderBird Colours known

(2 shades reported)
Metallic Green

Pictures from Alex Cameron

Pale Blue  
Dark Blue 
Metallic Blue

Pictures from T-Bird UK

Lighter Metallic Green

Picture from Tomirinn

Check out more images of Single cars on Dot's site ALineOf Dots

In 1965 Lone Star announced a "Road Master Impy Super Car" #13 Ford Thunderbird but it was never released.

In September 1997 a Readers letter appeared in the UK magazine Model Collector
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Many thanks to 
- Andrew Ralston who is the Guru of all things Lone Star (and a lot other vintage Mfrs) 
- Alex Cameron 
- Akiko H. (aka Tomika / Tomirinn)