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Lone Star Road-masters by D.C.M.T.


In September 1997 a Readers letter from Philip Djaferis of Switzerland appeared in the UK magazine Model Collector

I would like to add some Information on the Subject of Line Star Roadmasters, an article appeared by Mike Richardson in MODEL COLLECTOR some years ago.

I also have a small Collection of them and they are also limited to the Ford Thunderbird, Daimler Conquest and MG TF. I also assume that these are the only models produced in this series, as when I bought them in Cyprus in the late 70's, from a shop which still held mint stock at the time, they were all that was available.


My collection differs from Mike Richardson's in that none have the plastic drivers/passengers in them, but I have them in several colour combinations. The MG was also available in red and metallic green, not only the metallic blue.

As you can see from the illustration, I have the Thunderbird in 5 different variations. Yes, the details are lacking on the models, and the workmanship and quality is poor compared to contemporary Dinky Toys, but the price was about 40 per cent less at the time. In Cyprus during the late '50s they cost 125 mils (2s 6d) compared to about 200 mils for a Dinky Toy or 250-300 mils for a contemporary Märklin.

Does anyone know what a fair price would be these models today?

Philip Djaferis

Letter reproduced by permission of Philip Djaferis

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